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Tenable Music is an Independent (Indie) Record Label  and Digital Content Distributor  Worldwide.  


     Out the box is Y P the Prophet and this positive release called "Better Days"  and Shon Ski new smash "Water".

Stay safe, Peace and Blessings, Amos.


     We extend our condolences for those who has suffered and or  transcended due to the COVID-19 Virus infecting people Worldwide. We hope that those infected heal and recover and generally wish Peace and Blessings to the entire universe.  

What's New  

     Entering the last quarter of 2021 have new projects on the horizon, in mastering now. Wow what a year! We completed our summer concert series on Labor Day @ the Washington Monument. I want to personally thank each and every Band and Artist that participated. Your momentous contributions have added to the human process in a positive manner and influenced the youth who took the time to witness resilience at it's best.  In the face of adversity we delivered.  Well done all involved!  

     I have to say that every great show requires a Master of Ceremonies. I think that the "MC' , like a conductor, keeps the show on the tracks from start to finish. We were blessed to have the talents of Mr. Henry " Discombobulating" Jones as our "MC" for each and every show and he delivered his classy style and manner on point and on time. A big "thank you",  HDJ, your professionalism speaks for itself!. Over thirty-five years in this business, he is one of the best in the USA, and if you are planning a show... reach out to this Man, he gets it done.  

     The update is almost complete, and we want to take time out for all out there. Our mental and physical health are the most important. The truth is we need you. You are here with us and we with you, to let us walk and share time with you. We need each other on our best and worst possible days.  A true story,  one of our team members' worst possible days, one of you (a fan in this world) told them that they matter, that our time here matters and that the things that we are going through are all important, and that we are here for each other. So stay, and let's walk together. Wow, profound, uplifting and positive.... Thank you. 

Amos Drummond


       Tenable Music was founded in 2013 by Amos Drummond  in Maryland. We assist Artist in the development, recording, mastering,  performing and distributing their content (products).  We work with various Digital Service Providers (DSP) worldwide. Members of the Organization and Management TEAM include: CARLTON B,  Bari Lutalo, Omar Tyree, Atif Tate, Ja'Ness Tate, Y P The Prophet, Merkury Gold, Amorous Ebony, RING TONE, Tim Trotter and more...  

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