We want to thank all, that came out to support us during the 2021 Summer Concert Series.  Here are some quick photos.

Grammy Nominated Vocal Artist        #cyrus_deshield added to venu. It is  show time  @ 11:30AM tomorrow, Freddy Hill, PURIFY LOVE,   The Gentleman Callers, BJ Durham, Rasta Raheem (Flute -Roy Ayers, Freddie Hubbard..more), Darrick Johnson, WAV, Henry "Discombobulating" Jones , Ivory Roberts and more... is the masterful Master of Cermonies. check out the link here. Be safe. Bring Mask, Hand sanitizer, blanket, plastic bottle , a good ear and friendly spirit  bottle all                            https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/165783086675

"Why make our hearts wait"

Free Concert: Labor Day Monday, September 6th, 2021 @ Washington Monument

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Why make our hearts wait? 

     If music is the path to a better understanding, to many of the view points of man, then to me, the other side of that coin is simply listening. So what have we heard? The cries and screams of a nation that for hundreds years, one side ruled with a heavy hand, now see it’s subjects rise, still again, to reach for the fabric of the last civilization, the top dog of man. And the Nation moans in the key of life as she bends, releases an D flat as she turns and hums a C minor, as she stretches her hand out to feel up her lungs and breath, hopefully, not for the last time.

     When RingTone and Tripplethreatt hit me up and wanted to pump it up for the people, I had no problem and it sounded like A-C-D-F movement, and we ran with it. Then all the D’s and E’s notes dropped as COVID visited our door and like that, the peace and love and energy which none of us had taken for granted, gave us his peace out and until later and a torch, yes a light in front of us for us to follow. Rest -In-Life DJ Mike Jones (Ohio) aka TrippleThreatt. To his family we will hold his presence and support you with the music he shared with us, others and the world.

     A sound, a little muffled became louder from the right corner saying better days, and Y P the Profit reminded us to hold sacred this journey and path and to me, I heard the B sharp and A minor and a G or two, so I called to Jacksonville to get "Big A" involved, he hit up "Big Amp: and the music gets more presence and precious understanding, look out for the release. During the Summer Concert Series He blessed the stage along with Mercury Gold for explosive verbal roulette (we are processing the footage now). She (America) provides hope for the better days that Y P the Profit talks about, America regains her footing and survives a direct attack, a blow, yet she stood firm.

     In Baltimore WAV have been in the studio recording their new release, working on delivering a exciting and purposeful performance called “Love Languages”, Bari and Devin are part of the youth blood and their community of Artist are ever growing and involved. The sound is a roller coaster ride with a touch of higher energy in the G’s C Sharps and voice many ranges to falsetto. I get younger just hanging out with this crew.  Their show is melodic and keeps you watching, clever lyrics and pure love. America comes together and consider that we are all humankind.

     So what now? Why make our heats wait? Larry Love and Chip at SafeWord aka The Gentlemen, pulled together a band, they hope will inspire a new generation of musicians, so we collaborated and opened the 2021 Tenable Music Summer Concert Series in Washington, DC at Ft Reno Park and PURIFY Love a Washington, D.C. based Spoken-word artist delivered powerful messages. WAV, Y P the Prophet and Mercury Gold blended with SafeWord and formed a caravan of music. Poetic Motion, Daric Johnson, Tim Stoddard all also blessed the stage this summer, and we thank them all. I can not be more grateful for The Love Station performing. Wow, a great show, superior music and professional to the core, highly recommended. 

     The plan is simple, 2-4 hours. A Show, free to the public to bring the community together, young and old with music to train youth in critical areas of music like sound engineering, video, event marketing, music construction, Master of Ceremonies, publishing and live performances. The MC for this series is “Discombobulating” Jones, wait? What does boxing have to do with this? A lot, say I, the bronze baritone, quick-witted, welcoming, charming, dapper, dashing and professional introduction is a sound that sets the tone and delivers the required content before between and after, yes a conductor of sorts to a guided mission. I encourage you to come out to enjoy as we go back to the music and hopefully make a more  joyful sound. So we ask,  Why make our Hearts wait? Fill in the contact box below, let us know that you plan to attend.

Link to events  www.tenablemusic.com 

Peace and Blessings
Amos Drummond


Welcome to the 2021 Tenable Music Washington DC Summer Concert Series.

Bands Performing: 

SafeWord - WAV - BARI LUTALO - DVN - Amorous Ebony - more..