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Many thanks to our listeners and fans worldwide as you inspire all of us to continue, our music is truly made for you. We continually need and appreciate you, thanks for supporting us.!

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Tenable Music is an Independent Record Label  and Digital Content Distributors  Worldwide.


     We extend our condolences for those lost due to the COVID-19 Virus infecting people Worldwide, we hope that those infected heal and recover and generally wish Peace and Blessings to the entire universe. 

What's New 

Our Organization thanks you for the many years of your support. As we enter the end of the third quarter of 2020 our New Artist Ringtone and Merkury Gold have dropped new singles. Visit Our Hot Playlist to hear their music as we welcome them to the label. We are also excited to have the talents of Amorous Ebony a sultry , soulful and wonderful  vocalist and songwriter, listen to her on her page located on this site (Room and Lovely Mess are her new releases) . Y P the Prophet makes a profound statement appropriate for the current times with his new release Wins and Losses  and Bari and Ebony just dropped Bounce a free spirited melodic song. I was a pleasure to work with all of the Artist, your energy, talent and free spirit(s) really make a large impact in the music world and your sound, style, flow, makes your music unique and stylish. Finally, thank you to the ever forward moving Omar Tyree. Monologues the Movie now on AMAZON, is a excellent view into the mix between music and film, young music producers and Artist exploring the inner person, first person as they embark on this journey called life.


       Tenable Music was founded in 2013 by Amos Drummond  in Maryland. Members of the Organization and Management TEAM include: CARLTON B,  Bari Lutalo, Omar Tyree, Atif Tate, Ja'Ness Tate, Y P The Prophet, Merkury Gold, Amorous Ebony, RING TONE and more...

         We are declaring 2018 and extending into 2020 -  the "Year(s) of the Woman" this inspiration is generated by our youthful Artist Ja'Ness Tate. Her platform is geared towards Middle School and High School Students, She visited thousands of  students in 2018, 2019 and 20,  encouraging them to work hard to become educated. She talks to all the young females, telling them to keep their self esteem and confidence, because they are "Queens" hear her new song "Queens" as it has inspired all of us here at Tenable and we hope that it will also inspire you. Ana Morris is scheduled to Graduate Collège this year and we wish her the best, this powerful singer and songwriter uplifts women of all ages and brings to mind familiar sounds like Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole and Mary J Blige, wow what powerful Women and all at Tenable Music. We ask that you sit back and explore, enjoy, skip around and let Tenable Music into your musical life! 

Peace and Blessing 

Amos Drummond

ARCHIVES: Yes we keep the below as an record from where we have come

This Music is so timeless that it is always a new release

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