Amorous ebony

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     2020 and much can be said about talk, as well as action. This is the time of the year where we have an opportunity to start a new, unwind, share time with family and friends and pets, set plans for the new year and if we are lucky, "dream a little dream". Hey did you know that that's a title of a song? 

     My favorite version is from the 1950's, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream Of Me (HD) (for those interested see video below). Although many performers (many famous) have performed this song, I still enjoy the richness and friendly tone of the pair as they easily glide though this uplifting piece. 

     On the same subject as above, so has Amorous Ebony, her sultry voice glides through every song she sings. Read more  about this powerful  and positive woman (visit Amorous Ebony site). Then.... If you have your sexy adult only eyes on check out her video LOVELY MESS, YES! I can't speak more highly of her and her work ethics, introduced to me by BARI LUTALO