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PERFORMER(S): BARI, Cruz OmegaSoul Leyenda, Karis Lovechild

Composer(s): BARI, Amenhotep Perry, Karis Baker


(Spoken word)- Cruz OmegaSoul
There is no medium between black and white's definition besides these four letters.
And what makes it better, is that in the same breath there is no evil without good, and vice versa,
but let me help you understand as I disperse to ya a verse for ya,
the human equalities of man. Some say man is god,
though I think it odd that we have the power to control the hour when our own minds we can't comprehend.
but let us not forget the color that smothers,
as black we are oppressed by white yet come together to make mulatto who find themselves in the shade of Grey so we send prayers to their mothers,
some need more prayers than others, do we think us a generation are a nation of prophets, hard times so we sell our wisdom for profit,
never achieving the qualities of a messenger, as I remain passenger to the stronghold of struggle, lost in a phantom of Grey

(Karis Lovechild)
Grey Tape, this is the Grey Tape, (laughter) it's like you wanna have sex with the tape, Grey, Grey Tape, Grey Tape, Grey Tape, this is the Grey Tape