From the recording GREY TAPE

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Composer(s): BARI
PERFORMER (S): BARI, Amorous Ebony

This track is about believing in yourself and finding true happiness from within regardless of external circumstances.


(Verse- Bari)
living in this crazy world, and you think you the only one sane, but everybody says you're crazy because you are not the same, you are something different, out of this world not out of your brain,
searching for some peace, something deep, something that remain true, real happiness is hard to find so you look for it deep inside of you, trying to find something real, something that the world can feel,
got to use precision, got to stay focused, got to keep your vision, even when they turn their back, you got to keep on living dawg

(Verse 2- Amorous Ebony and Bari)
hey under dog, what happened to your smile? What's good bro, did you let them steal your style? You say no way, no way, Imma be here for a while, to be honest, Imma keep doing my thing to the hardest, ain't nobody gonna block my shine, yea
BARI, Maf Jr