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Composer(s): BARI
PERFROMER(S): BARI, Cruz OmegaSoul Leyenda


I see you posing, when we going to do something about it, I see you posing, when we going take it to the next level, your jeans looking over there, you're looking oh so good, I see you posing, when we going to do something about it, I see your jeans, feeling all on my oh,
I see your jeans, give me something to think about (give me something to think about) your looking so good in them jeans, when we going to take it to the next level

Swimming in non existent lakes of Benjamin, living in plagues of decadence and I couldn't escape the messages, written all on her face and hidden in the vaguest sentiments, her grace and elegance made it hard to escape the relishing,
let's get it in, deep in the demon pool, dreaming of me and you,
fiending for freedom from fiending the freak in you, your fees ain't feasible, I can't afford you, no I can't support you still I want the keys to you girl, open the doors of the Porsche and we drive in the course of divine intercourse,
lust turns to love as we drive through the fork and arrive at divorce and I just abort the lies and the courts despising you more, blind in my sight as my mind just distorts